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Hartwell Corporation is a global leader in designing and manufacturing aircraft latches and latching systems for various applications, including nacelles. Nacelles are the protective casings that house the engines and other components of an aircraft. Hartwell Corporation offers a wide range of products that are tailored to different sections of the nacelle, such as fan cowl, inlet cowl, thrust reverser, engine, and systems.  Some of the products that Hartwell Corporation provides for nacelle applications are hook latches and keepers, telescoping hold-open rods, bifurcation latching systems, pressure relief latches, and door panels.  These products are designed to provide reliable and efficient solutions, secure locking, and safe openings for the nacelle. Hartwell Corporation also works closely with OEMs to solve complex problems and deliver high quality, innovative products. Hartwell Corporation has over 80 years of experience and is a preferred supplier to OEMs worldwide


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