The Strut-Lok™ design automatically locks the strut in position when the panel or door is opened, allowing the struts to be released to unlock one at a time, eliminating the need for simultaneous release. This is a major benefit if the strut is used on larger panels or doors normally requiring a two people operation for closing. The struts have different diameters based on the required compression and tension load. The compression capability of the strut depends on the extended length and diameter whereas the tension capability of the strut depends on the diameter only.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic deployment
  • Self-locking when door or panel is opened
  • Lengths available from 10”
  • Wide range of tube diameters: .312, .375, .500, .625, .750 and 1.00
  • Optional end fittings
  • Light weight-to-strength ratio
  • Available in stainless, aluminum, and composite