Engine Thrust Reversers are attached to the engine case by a “tongue and groove” interface between the inside of the thrust reverser cowling and the outside of the engine case. This “tongue and groove” connection is maintained by a metal band that wraps completely around the Thrust Reverser and is secured by one or more OVG latches. Other Thrust Reverser hook latches and adjustable keepers are also placed along the bottom split-line of the TR Cowl. These OVG latches are basically large adjustable hook latches with folding handles and very high take-up.

Features and Benefits: 

  • High take-up to fit the thrust reverser into a tongue and groove fitting
  • Design to provide adjustment, high preloads, and low hand operation
  • Over-center locking
  • Adjustable preloads
  • Trigger safety lock

Different Types:

  • Single handle or folding handle
  • Built-in adjustment or separate keeper assembly
  • Flush mounted or internally mounted