Hartwell has developed a family of ergonomically designed ratcheting and ultra-lightweight clutching hold-downs, hooks, and hinges. All are built to resist extremes in vibration and shock loading, yet they allow quick change capability. The Hold down has an internal clutch to limit the amount of force the mechanic can place on the lightweight avionic support rack.

Features and Benefits:

  • No alignment required; 360° engagement or disengagement from the hook
  • Latches with conventional NAS 622 Hook
  • Preset clutch controls clamping force within 120 +/- 20 lbs.
  • Extractor pulls LRU out from the connector a minimum of .50 inches
  • Hinge slot accommodates 3° extraction to prevent damage and 17° insertion for greater stability of the LRU while engaging the connector
  • Snag proof center shaft is fully enclosed by the easy grip knob during insertion or extraction
  • Easy grip knob for hand operation
  • Maximum HHD2 Series Weight is .13 lbs.