Hartwell designs and manufactures hold open rods for a wide variety of aircraft applications. Some significant aircraft platforms include A320Neo, MC-21, C-17, Learjet and Challenger.


A telescoping strut will automatically lock in the open position in order to hold a door in the open position for maintenance action. To release the lock, a twist and pull-down motion is required, eliminating the chance of accidental release. Tube diameter and material selected will vary to accommodate the load and length requirements.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed for high tension, compression, and side loads
  • Quick release hook fitting
  • Automatic Lock-up when strut is extended
  • Sleeve has dual motion operation for safety
  • Visual warning when unlocked
  • Many end fittings available to fit the application

Typical Application:

  • Doors
  • Thrust Reverser Doors
  • APU Doors
  • Radomes
  • Canopies