Aircraft Flush handles comprise various types of mechanisms and provide a means of activating internal door mechanisms. Quick accessibility is provided with flush-mounted exterior handles contoured to the aircraft. These can be pressure sealed and designed to withstand severe use on one or two-hand actuation models. Aircraft Flush handle assemblies are used in Cargo doors, Passenger doors, Baggage doors, and Crew safety doors

Features and Benefits:

  • Trigger releases handle to operational position
  • Key lockable
  • Special finishes (primer, polished metal, painted)
  • Pressure sealed
  • Handle and housing are contoured to the aircraft door configuration
  • Pop-out, pull-out, and tilt-out models
  • Optional interior handles available


Different Types:

  • Small L Handle
  • Large L Handle
  • Large T Handle
  • Tilt Out Handle
  • D Ring Handle