The simplified button release offers ease of manual operation, facilitating activation if maintenance is performed while wearing heavy gloves and without the use of a tool. Over-center toggle engagement, standard in most models, affords excellent shock and vibration characteristics. Special gaskets are available for application requirements ranging from dust and water-resistant to Skydrol/aromatic fuels. The forward button serves both as a handle and indicator flag in the unlatched position. Exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and flush aerodynamic design are ideally suited for the exterior aircraft access panel. Available in single or double buttons.

Features and Benefits:

  • Over-center locking
  • Optional tool operation
  • Numerous button and bolt offsets available
  • Button serves as a flag when open
  • Gasket materials to meet application requirements
  • Shock and vibration resistant

Different Types

  • Two Button
  • Single Button
  • Adjustable bolt