Our company is organized into three business units and an operations team. Each Business Unit Manager is responsible for their segment of the business and the associated parts we manufacture. The three business units are Access Panels, Heavy Duty, and Propulsion. Each business unit provides focused design, engineering, new product development, and customer support. On top of customer support and product development, each business unit stays current on the latest Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and international standards to ensure our safety commitment and adherence to all regulatory standards.

The Propulsion business unit focuses on products built for high temperature, vibration, and other complexities associated with jet engines and engine nacelles. Hartwell has been designing propulsion components for over 80 years, and the experience we have in developing engine latches and hold-open rods can be seen in the quality components we produce today. Key products in the Propulsion business unit include:

– Hook Latches and Keepers
– V-Band Latches
– Hold-Open Rod



Propulsion Business Unit Products