Tension and shear load combinations are often encountered in stressed panels because loads are carried through the door rather than through the frame. This type of latch comes in a very small envelope, with a minimum penetration below the skin of the aircraft. Tension Shear latch designs have proven international acceptance as reliable, functional cowling fasteners. They are used on radomes, tail cones, engine cowls, and other aircraft or missile applications where tension/shear loads are seen.


Features and Benefits:

  • Lowest depth of any Tension Latch
  • Trigger safety lock
  • Two-piece handle for easy opening and as a flag for partially closed latches
  • Tension adjustment at mold line with handle open
  • Attachment fitting provided
  • Shear loads supported along the door abutment
  • Contoured to the aircraft configuration
  • Over-center locking

Different Types

  • Side Mount
  • Under Panel