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Placentia, CA – Hartwell Corporation, a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of latches and latching systems for commercial and military aircraft applications, announced today the launch of its new website at The new website features a modern and user-friendly design that showcases Hartwell’s products, services and capabilities in a comprehensive and engaging way.

The new website allows visitors to learn more about Hartwell’s history, vision and values, as well as its wide range of latches and latch assemblies for various aircraft applications, such as engine cowlings, nacelles and thrust reversers, interior and exterior access panels, cargo doors and interior stowage bins. The website also features a product catalog with detailed specifications and images of each latch type, as well as a contact form for inquiries and requests.

“We are very excited to launch our new website, which reflects our commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Our new website showcases our expertise and experience in providing latching solutions for the aerospace industry, as well as our ability to adapt to the changing needs and challenges of our customers. We invite everyone to visit our new website and discover how Hartwell can help them achieve their goals,” said Ron Kato, President of Hartwell Corporation.

Hartwell Corporation was founded in 1939 as a small distribution company and has grown into a global leader in the aerospace industry for latches and latching systems. Hartwell has specialized in quick access latches since its WWII wartime invention of the Trigger-Lock® latch, which became the industry standard by dramatically reducing the time required to service an aircraft. Today, Hartwell is tooled for over 20,000 versions of latches for various applications and is a preferred supplier to major aircraft and engine manufacturers worldwide.

For more information about Hartwell Corporation and its products and services, please visit or contact